Stompiesland Safaris Terms & Conditions

Stompiesland Safaris Terms & Conditions

Booking and Payments:

Stompiesland Safaris Terms & Conditions require a deposit of 50% of the total rate is required to confirm the hunt. Deposits for cancelled hunts will be liable for forfeiture. Please note that bank charges for wire transfers of money will be added to the clients account. Confirmations of the safari dates are only finalized upon receipt of the deposits. Remaining balance of the safari including daily rates, dipping and packing, medical air rescue, insurance and air charters is due prior to commencement of the safari. Trophy fees may be paid after the safari is completed. NO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED, ONLY TRAVELLERS CHECKS AND CASH. Wire transfers can be arranged before the hunt. – Stompiesland Safaris Terms & Conditions


On cancellations there will be no refund of the deposit should a client cancel his safari
within 6 months or less of the commencement of the safari. Clients canceling before 6months if intended hunt, will receive 50% refund on paid deposit.

Wounded Animals:

It is a common hunting practice that trophy fees are paid for any animal shot at or wounded.
Even if no animal carcass is found, but traces of blood drawn is found, the trophy fee is payable.

Change From Bow to Rifle:
The applicable daily rate will increase to a 1×1-hunting rate

Stompiesland Safaris Terms & Conditions